Retail Security Services

At BSS, we Creating a safe and secure environment.Protecting assets, protecting business, protecting you. BSS work with our growing base of retail clients to build unique security and safe guarding solutions combining our knowledge of in-store retail security solutions and technology with our expert knowledge of loss prevention within the retail sector, reducing associated risks allowing the retailer to concentrate on their key priority – the customer. Understanding each individual clients ethos and operating process working in close partnership to deliver a full range of retail security services we understand that in order to gain a comprehensive benefit from retail security we need to go further than simply providing a storefront presence. Our retail security officers are seamlessly inducted within our clients business becoming an integrated team member.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites make very attractive targets with an estimated annual loss as a result of theft and vandalism to the industry of approx. £400 million it’s essential that contractors invest wisely in construction site security. We partner with clients to develop construction site security strategies focused on reducing costs, increasing safety standards and providing high visibility security officers. Our management team are qualified in all aspects of Health & Safety compliance associated with the construction industry and our team of trained construction security guards are focused on limiting exposure to worksite liability, and keeping management abreast of any on-going security or safety issues.

Corporate Security

BSS identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a business. With widening regulatory and cultural environments we are able to effect a range of security solutions to reduce risk ensuring long-term corporate prosperity. We have highly qualified security personnel who can offer both security services and a good customer services experience to visitors, clients and your staff.